Irrlicht/Ruby Interface

Combines an easy to learn easy to read scripting language
with an excellent 3d graphics engine.

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I call my project by different names Irrlicht/Ruby, IrrRuby or just Irr. I picked Ruby as the language of preference because of all the language I look at I found Ruby the easiest to learn, the easiest to read and it has a syntax simular to C, C++ and a number of other compilers. This will help make it easy to port programs between C and Ruby. If you haven't tried Ruby before you now have a reason.

Don't misunderstand, simplification is not the primary goal of this project. It's prim goal is to produce an comprehensive interface between Ruby and Irrlicht. What do I mean by comprehensive? I mean anything done in C is doable in Ruby. Efficiency is not a major issue eather. All the heavy duty computations are done in the Irrlicht engine. Script language efficiency should have little effect. More over C routines can away be added to the Irr library as needed.

Contributed works will be appreciated and add to the project page. I can use most anything you wish to offer, compiled binaries, code snippets, tutorals or anyother kind of doucmention. Hope to hear from you soon. Please let me know of any bugs you find or new features you'd like added. I'll be monitoring the forums and I'll try to replay promptly.

My Rubyforge project page.

Major Links:
Irrlicht home page is:
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Libjsw home page is:
Swig home page is:
Ruby home page is:
Venom (predecessor of Irr) is:

Special thanks to the folks at Rubyforge for hosting my project.